Dry Eye Support
Dry Eye Support


The Southern California/Orange County Dry Eye Support Group provides helpful information for people who suffer from dry eyes. Our group began in 2006 as a continuation of the UC Irvine Dry Eye Support Group. There is help and hope for those who live with this frustrating and painful condition and each speaker at our meetings provides new and different ideas on how to treat dry eyes.  New studies are being conducted to better understand the reason for dry eyes.  Our meetings are an excellent way to stay informed about current information that could be beneficial. We encourage dry eye sufferers to attend our meetings and discover practical ways to make a positive impact on their lives.   


  • A speaker (usually an ophthalmologist/optometrist) discusses topics related to dry eyes.
  • An opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.  
  • Pharmaceutical reps who provide eye drop samples (when available) and answer questions and/or companies who have helpful dry eye products.  
  • Resources and helpful suggestions.  
  • Printed informational handouts.  

The group is coordinated by volunteers who are not affiliated, sponsored, or employed by any businesses.  

A $3.00 donation is suggested for each meeting. 


- MONDAY, MAY 4TH 1:00P.M.-3:00P.M.   **CANCELLED**

- MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH 1:00P.M.-3:00P.M. 

Meetings are held in the Laguna Woods, CA area. Please provide your information below for us to contact you regarding meeting details.

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